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Sustainable success isn’t achieved through technology alone. It takes people supporting each other, processes that make sense for your business and long-term commitment. It’s what we do and we’d love to do it for you.


Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution that offers best in class productivity, real-time collaboration, advanced security & device management.


It includes a suite of services that include MS Teams, cloud storage, the familiar Office apps and advanced security. Organizations around the world are using MS365 to redefine processes to better their capabilities and expand their potential.

This will accelerate your digital transformation and will enable you to achieve a modern workplace.

Dynamic 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central connects data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, projects and customer interactions to get an all-in-one solution for your entire business. You can measure and visualize your business performance using Power BI and the built in dashboards and role centers that come with Dynamics Business Central.

Your manufacturing and supply chain are totally integrated with accounts receivables and payables. There is no double entry required, and the integration dramatically reduces data entry compared to older technologies. Dynamics Business Central assists you in automatically reconciling accounts and reporting on financials quickly and accurately.

Microsoft Business Voice With Teams

Now you can add a phone solution designed for Microsoft 365. Transform how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, meetings, calendar, & email for an all-in-one communication solution.

Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system in Microsoft Teams. Together, they deliver the most productive all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, chat, and meetings into a single app

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of tools that can drive efficiencies and innovation throughout organisations. The innovation businesses need is often just the ability to do things faster and better — innovation that can come from within the business. Eliminating cumbersome, time-consuming tasks and automating where possible can drive efficiencies in an organization and create real value.

The Power Platform is a low-code platform that enables more people within the business to make a difference. At a time when innovation and efficiency is crucial, you no longer have to rely solely on your IT teams. Power Apps and Power Automate transform "the IT function from a blocker to an enabler” by allowing others outside of the traditional innovation centers to improve business processes.

The power platform provides the technology that allow you to innovate and solve business challenges by creating low code solutions by the business for the business


Managed Security Services

As threats rise in sophistication, the cost to identify, detect, and block threats rises, too. But attackers often reuse infrastructure in multiple attacks — leaving cyber fingerprints. What if you could use those fingerprints to uncover attacks before they launch?

Our goal is keep the bad stuff out, and keep the good stuff in. Chasing security alerts from disparate tools wastes time, money, and strains resources. We provide access to better intelligence and integrated security that exposes blind spots, while being simple to manage.

Infrastructure & Connectivity

Infrastructure is the foundation of a business’s technology. Having the right infrastructure enables the journey and transition into the age of “digital business transformation” With out the right infrastructure investing in any new hardware is imprudent. Just like a building foundation, it adds no aesthetic value, no visible function but is key to the structure, longevity, expansion and return on investment. Unfortunately a large percentile of the masses ignore the value the right foundation. It is definitely a long term investments.

Hand in hand with any infrastructure is an unparalleled internet experience. We have partnered with most of SA's biggest internet providers to provide our clients with an unbiased option to the "best available connectivity"


Extended Services

SD Wan

Our managed cloud
connectivity offering that provides service automation via Centralised Management, Control and
Orchestration together with network monitoring and WAN optimization.

Cloud Back Up & Recovery

Our Managed Service enables cloud-based backup and replication for our customers. Customers will be enabled to define their incremental backup requirements to meet their business needs. Incremental backups are either daily, weekly or monthly.

B2B Portals & Ecommerce

Many Many of the B2B companies are turning to e-commerce, these trends that are now entering the space are trends that are already prevalent in the B2C market. Is your B2B geared for the e-commerce era or are you falling behind and unable to keep up with these trends? 

Power BI

 Power BI analytics tools to analyze. Process and share insights using the most intelligent tools that come together to make your business data work smartly for you. Get customized dashboards up and running in no time with pre-built dashboards crafted to help you focus on working smart and not hard

Power Automate

Build time-saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration using hundreds of prebuilt connectors. Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities, giving you more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Power Apps

Streamline app development with limitless customization options Enabling businesses to connect their data to applications. Build apps that improve business processes without compromising your compliance and security standards. 


Your mobile, intelligent intranet. Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

Virtual Desktop

With Windows Virtual Desktop we empower your users with the only multi-session Windows 10 desktop virtualized in the cloud that’s highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device.


Make your processes smarter. We’ll elevate workforce productivity by automating mundane tasks & end-to-end business operations. Combining robotic process automation with machine learning to create intelligent operations, 

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