Business Success Post COVID-19 Is Closer Than You Think.

Many Businesses across the country would have foreseen that the lockdown will be over one day and the time to “reopen” will come. Given the nature of the pandemic everything about business is about to change. It seems that we are slowly moving towards a gradual removal of the lockdown for some sectors and parts of the economy.

The large majority are in the same consensus that the government doesn't have any other alternative, other than focus on lives and livelihoods. However, the biggest challenge businesses will face will be restarting their operations. Even while a larger part of the enabling economy continues to be in lockdown, an exit out of the lockdown is being planned step by step and it will come to a time where businesses across sectors will eventually be allowed to resume.

In days, weeks and months, technology has come to the rescue of many businesses, but many predict believe this is a role that has just began. Many of the organizations coping best or even thriving in the current crisis share a common attribute, they were already building a digital transformation journey for the future. The global pandemic has been a proving ground where the most agile and dynamic businesses have reacted fastest to the ‘new normal’ of the lockdown economy; restrictions on travel, the shutdown of physical stores or factories, and a huge rise in remote working. Against this backdrop, the question is no longer should organizations digitize, but rather, how can they deliver a transformation that best prepares them to handle uncertain times and create opportunity from crisis.

For those looking to undertake any kind of digital transformation project you need speed of action to get what needs to be done now – fast – whilst always thinking about and working towards the long term vision. Business are encouraged to be brave and take risks but be conscious of where you will want to be in the near future. You need a zero-tolerance approach to legacy systems and always question everything. Be ruthless. And choose a technology partner who is invested in the project as much as you are. When you begin your operations physically again, make a budget and invest in digital transformation. Let go of the traditional way of doing things and equip your office with all the necessary equipment and mindset that would drive a digital transformation.

The world has been already forced into digital transformation and when your customers step out again, they will have new digital expectations. While some physical essential service stores are thriving without being digital, it is important each business find their place in this digitally required era. Post lockdown, you must think- “What can I provide digitally” and align your business automatically. In order to transform your products or services, businesses must start with their environment - focusing on communication, people, working habits, productivity, efficiency and information security. Finding the right partner to help you create a road map and execute to achieve success is the 1st steps of this journey.

Sns Technologies has been assisting businesses transform digitally for the better half of the past decade. Whilst we understand that businesses are usually excited about this journey there is always a consciousness of nervousness in the initial stages. We can only imagine in these unprecedented times nervous spirits can easily turn to uncertainty. Our experience has enabled us to focus on the attention to detail to enable a successful transformation. We also understand that a significant proportion of success and rate of transformation is understanding how to equip and empower the entire work force on this journey of digital transformation. Now is the time to be creating adoption programs for employees for such situations so they don’t feel lost and being very precise about what the post lock down vision is for your organisation.

Focusing on new ways of communicating, managing clients through different platforms, information flow throughout the organisation and reaching new demographics to extend your products or services too.

The only reality of today’s world is staying current to survive. You cannot run a business around what has been working for you over the past few years. You have to identify what is changing and bend your business around it to still be relevant to your customers.

Change is the only constant and businesses need to be prepared. If your business needs assistance, advice or looking for a partner for this era for digital transformation we are always ready to collaborate.

“Many of the organizations coping best or even thriving in the current crisis share a common attribute, they were already building a digital transformation journey for the future.”

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