This Is Why Your Business Needs To Digitally Transform

“With the rapid pace that technology is changing, Digital Transformation is becoming an imperative in today's market. ”

Digital Transformation focuses on the use of digital infrastructure and technologies to redesign the process with which we work to improve efficiency and effectiveness in all areas within a business. It is more than just changing the way you do business for the better - Digital Transformation is a way of survival in the ever-changing world of technology and innovation. It becomes an ongoing process that demands continually working your way from the first step to the last and back again to ensure your businesses successful transformation, changing the way you operate and deliver value to your customers.

With the rapid pace that technology is changing, Digital Transformation is becoming an imperative in today's market. Thousands of companies across the world are launching programs to successfully drive them towards digital transformation; however, that is not enough. Successfully achieving digital transformation means leveraging more than just transformation programs - it means changing people's work ethos and mindsets as well. This human element creates a side of change that is most difficult to achieve as it speaks to people's persistent needs for stability and creates an almost instinctive resistance to change.


What Drives Digital Transformation?

It is imperative that businesses who want to evolve with the rapid change in the world of today understand the role that employee mindsets, working to increase efficiency using technology wherever deemed possible, and the ability to overcome change and quickly adjust to new business practices play in accelerating their digital transformation efforts.

Of course, not all organizations are at the same places in their digital transformation journey but commitment towards the speed at which adopting agile business principles across the business happens becomes the most imperative driving force towards a successful transformation program.

Barriers To A Successful Journey

As digital technology advances and changes faster than ever, it becomes vital for companies to adopt to transformational tools at a pace that does not leave them behind. In these organizations, it becomes both a blessing and a curse to have employees who love working at a successful company and feel strongly driven by it. It's a blessing because these employees understand the true DNA of the company which becomes a pivotal point towards success during any digital transformation program - However, the same commitment can prove to be a challenge when the employee commitment that digital transformation calls for, more often than not, calls for employees to continuously question their daily way of working thus confusing it with the reflection of the true DNA of their company.

Around the world, company culture was and remains the biggest barrier to digital transformation in the workplace. Leaders are now required to consider more than just planning the roadmap to success and implementing the technology to get it done when driving towards digital transformation. Contemplating the human elements in digital transformation becomes the most integral part in every leaders thought process now. Change management programs need to focus on tackling the real-life human barriers to change to work hand in hand with any digital transformation program. Organizations that successfully change both their technology and employees' mindsets benefit the most from the productivity and innovation that digital transformation provides.

Authentic digital transformation is a state of mind that a company needs to use to constantly drive, evolve and adopt new digital solutions both internally and externally to be able to successfully break down internal silos and create a more seamless experience internally.

Key Principles To Help You On The Way

Digital Transformation is an ongoing process

To ensure that digital transformation is adopted properly and continues to transform your business, it is vital that core team members understand that digital transformation is never-ending. It's about taking an innovative approach to every strategy planned, and in every step of each business process implemented to continuously improve the way you do business. The world of technology is so ever-changing, it develops and modifies with each hour that passes and that's why you need to constantly be as on par with these changes as possible in order to keep up with digital transformation and all it can do to scale your business to new heights.

Culture of innovation

Whilst we have no true power in controlling the fast pace that technology in business changes, we can always control the environment in which we work to be prepared for the challenges and changes that come from modern technologies. Keeping the quote "Your comfort zone will kill you" in mind, digital transformation urges you to adopt a 'culture of innovation' within your workspace that allows employees to overcome their "we're always done it this way" attitude towards technology and improvements. Core members need to create a culture and environment that views change as opportunities, rather than threats in the workplace. Although this transformation takes time and effort, it's unlikely going to happen without people stepping out of their working norm.

Maintaining the mindset

True digital transformation is a state of mind. A mindset that continuously evolves and adopts to new digital solutions and technologies both internally and externally. Every area of a company has a role to play in digital transformation, and they each come together to impact the way you do business in unique ways. Whilst digital transformation isn't something to check off a task list, it's important that it's a mindset that becomes part of your organizational culture and experience. It has been found that those organizations who approach digital transformation with the correct, constant mindset and perspective, are able to create a much more manageable and successful transformation.

Coach smaller teams for better adoption

To maximum adoption and success, digital transformation needs to be embedded across the entirety of your business. By integrating it into the overall business processes and making it part of your marketing strategy, you can achieve better results, faster. The ideal solution for any SMB is to break up the various technologies that come in to play in every business process within the company into smaller teams to focus better. In a 2017 Deloitte report, it had been identified that smaller, cross-functional teams tend to deliver better results than bigger, dedicated IT departments with a strong hierarchy structure. Breaking down your departments into teams may just be your winning hand at quicker adoption and better transformation.

In conclusion, digital transformation does not have to be a cumbersome journey that overwhelms employees and key players. It's not something to check off your to-do list and move on from it but it's a mindset that stays and becomes part of the organization's culture and managed experience. Companies who approach transformation keeping that in mind can create a more manageable, and much more successful transformation.

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