Connectivity Is Key - The Importance Of A Business Grade Internet Connection

There has never been a greater need for seamless connectivity than right now among South African businesses. In a world that is ever-changing with modern technologies and automated business processes, high-speed and reliable Internet access is necessary, wherever we are, whenever.

A good grade Internet connectivity is the very foundation upon which technological advancements and transition to the connected world that every business builds on. With the Internet updating and technology being modified on a constant basis, the Telecommunication industry, together with Internet Service Providers (ISP) work tirelessly to fully uncover the true potential that the Digital Age has to offer.

“Users need to be able to work across multiple devices, have all time access to data, documents, and be able to collaborate from wherever they are.

In support of this change, adapting, innovating, and closely cooperating becomes second nature. More than all, working with the "right" service provider who has the proper infrastructure in place allows businesses smooth scalability, and integrity to be consistent unlocks a wider spectrum of benefits for any business looking for Good Grade Internet Connectivity to upscale their performance. For those businesses moving towards digital transformation, a good internet connection becomes a natural requirement for accessing their Microsoft 365, Google Apps, Amazon Web Services, Azure subscriptions and other Software as A Service (SaaS) that business consume daily.

Users need to be able to work across multiple devices, have all time access to data, documents, and be able to collaborate from wherever they are. It allows users to have reliable and efficient connectivity that helps facilitate quick business processes and leads them to a host of added benefits. When deployed by the "right" provider, with the hardware, software, and network infrastructure in place to facilitate a reliable enterprise connectivity, could enable mobility, flexibility and agility that makes for a successful organization.

Factors that you need to consider

To get the best out of your Business Grade Internet plan, you must take into consideration a few of the most frequent questions. The limitations to these would determine the performance and success it would deliver once deployed within your business.

The importance of good grade business connectivity is most vital in allowing a good upload speed that can be critical if your business often sends and receives important documents and files to existing or prospect clients, colleagues, and suppliers. Hence ensuring that you have a connection with excellent speed becomes the first factor to look out for when choosing the right fit in connectivity for your business. If your business is sharing regular information on the Internet, a poor network provider and limited bandwidth could make what can be a simple task, exceedingly difficult.

To put things into perspective, we would like to compare the nature of a good grade Internet connection, to that of a running water tap. By there being more than one individual in a home, all trying to fill their cups with water, each person would only receive a limited flow of water into their cups. Hence, the smaller amount of people that use a line, results in a higher bandwidth for your business. Therefore, having a connectivity with good speed and little to no lags that fits your businesses need to connect many users who are regularly uploading information, downloading, and sending files with efficiency is important.

Then comes the amount of water available and the time it takes to flow through each tap being opened. With business grade connectivity, businesses need to consider an Internet connection with a cap that suits them best. We have identified that although most businesses have an unlimited cap for their business Internet usage, users experience a slower Internet connection once the Internet threshold has been crossed. Businesses need to be aware of the increased expense, inconvenience and time wasted that running out of data, Wi-Fi or merely working with a slow Internet connection can cause.

Business connectivity together with having a good server can mean that online meetings, webinars, and research can be consumed with ease allowing your company to take advantage of the Internet and the better performance it offers for network companies to share information no matter what time it is.

Lastly, any Internet connection comes with hinderance and network faults from time-to-time. These problems can cost the business time and money, and could ultimately slowdown work processes, leaving workers at their desks, but unable to complete any of their tasks. It could also cause loss of important business information due to the inability to update files or data stored on the network. All of which can be mitigated with a good service provider with secure and reliable servers, who believe in restoration time being a priority.

Why choose a re-seller?

Anyone can have a good Internet connection but having a good managed service to enhance your managed connectivity experience can be most beneficial too. With a connectivity vendor that provides a full range of connectivity solutions that links you to your services, and your clients - It becomes best when joined together with managing your networks and connections.

Whether you need wireline, wireless, broadband, or otherwise, we ensure that you receive connectivity at excellent service levels that surpass all your connectivity expectations.

We deliver and manage your Internet and network needs so you can focus more on growing your business.

Our ability to ensure high service levels in the deliverance and assurance of your Connectivity services based on our unparalleled experience in networks and services giving you a complete Managed Connectivity Experience.

An important additional service that works hand-in-hand with good grade connectivity is an experienced partner equipped with the capabilities to provide an all round Secure Internet Gateway together with a Managed Security Service within your business.

Sns Technologies offers various Connectivity options that include SD-WAN, Business Grade VoIP Lines and Direct Connections to Microsoft's Data Centers, i.e.: Azure Express Route Solutions providing you with all your connectivity requirements from one partner. For more information on our plans and options available, you can contact us at

VoIP Lines and SD-WAN giving you an all-round best experience from one vendor. You can contact us for all your Connectivity, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and SD-WAN requirements at

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