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The most valuable asset in any business is its information and recipe for success in today's times. Globally, Data has been ranked as the most valued commodity surpassing the likes of gold and oil. However, it is becoming harder and harder for organisations to protect their intellectual property as the world moves into a more connected era.

Digital business transformation is moving security to the cloud, which drives a need for converged services to reduce complexity, improve speed and agility, and secure the new network architecture of tomorrow. With more users, devices, applications, services and data located outside of the enterprise rather than inside, the existing security models are failing to meet today's business needs. Sns Technologies understands this and thus we pride ourselves in our ability to keep our customers data and information - safe and secured.

Seeing as businesses and their employees focus solely on how to stay in touch with co-workers and colleagues using chat applications, shared documents, and moving all planned meetings online during the COVID-19 pandemic - Remote working has left many not thinking about the threat of cyberattacks. Being a managed service provider of Cisco Umbrella solutions, Sns Technologies ensures that your business can work remotely, with a flexible, cloud-delivered security solution when and how your business needs it. By combining multiple security functions into one solution, businesses can easily extend protection to various devices, remote users and with distributions everywhere within minutes, no matter where they are working.

Waste Less Time Fighting Ransomware Attacks With A Managed Security Service That Helps!

As your business strives towards digital transformation, it becomes imperative for networking and security teams to work together to reduce and mitigate cyberattacks. Employees who have access to company files, data, information and your companies network become an increasingly vulnerable target to bad actors. Sns Technologies' managed security service, powered by Cisco Umbrella, helps to deliver an end-to-end cloud based solution that secures the internet gateway that protects your users wherever they go - both on and off your companies network. Be safeguarded from malware, phishing and ransomware attacks without needing more than one solution to do it.

Get protection both on and off the network by achieving great value with our managed security services that allows you overall advanced security with simplified business environments.

Our vendors solutions are built with resiliency in mind, and many businesses find it easy to resume business as usual for their cloud systems whilst working remotely or roaming. Being your first line of defence against Internet cyberthreats, you are able to gain immediate time-to-value with our managed security service.

Let Sns Technologies secure your workforce quickly & easily with a cloud security solution that:

  • Reduces alerts and prevents threats even before they happen.

  • Eliminates gaps in coverage that security teams lack in visibility to all internet activities.

  • Enforces consistent policies for when products are too complex and do not easily integrate with other security investments.

This is how we can help overcome challenges that customers frequently experience as a result of these major trends:

Secure SD-WAN and Direct Internet Access (DIA)

  • Security within the SD-WAN plan becomes vulnerable when moving to Direct Internet Access (DIA) and security requirements need to be planned concurrently with SD-WAN requirements to reduce the risk of attack

  • Internal barriers tend to get in the way and can be mitigated with constant collaboration between networking and security teams within the organization

  • SD-WAN vendors not being traditional security vendors add complexities when provided by many different vendors. Cisco is the largest networking and enterprise security worldwide and commits to bringing together networking and security products to help you secure your DIA transformation

Protects endpoints both on and off the network

  • Easily stop connections to malicious destinations by stopping threats at the earliest point, even before a connection has been made.

  • Analyses and blocks unknown bad files at initial inspection by monitoring all activities on the endpoint.

  • Continuously analyses activity to detect malicious behavior by setting alerts on them for Cisco's security team to take action.

  • Action is taken by quarantining infected endpoints and remediating completely.

Respond and Defend against breaches much faster

  • Saves time and energy on security investigations without having to worry about SOC's lacking expertise or being understaffed with Cisco's simple process that detects, investigates ad remediates across multiple integrated security technologies.

  • Avoid being overwhelmed with alerts from security products that don't work with effective aggregate threat intelligence that turns into immediate action.

  • Keep up with current threats and reduce time spent on security operations functions up to 85%.

Working from any geographical location should not compromise your teams ability to communicate and collaborate. We can assure that your teams can still be social, communicate with ease and still keep your work loads productive whilst being completely secure - no matter where they work. Which means they need to be protected everywhere. Let us help you with cyber protection in and out of the office.

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