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Improving the likelihood of a successful workplace productivity initiative means gaining a better understanding of the different states that organizations may find themselves in during their adoption journey. Organizations often need to re-think their training strategies for digital transformation as it is not just another technology change, it is a change in the behaviors and mindset of the employees.

Habits have a tremendous impact on individual and organizational productivity. This makes it fundamental that we activate and drive the right habits around technology adoption at the workplace. Adoption is not about features and functionalities, it is about habitual usage of new technology that delivers tangible value.

Change Management

Businesses are managing changes caused by the rapid, technology-driven evolution of all industries. Encouraging employees to understand that change is the new norm and demonstrating the organization’s ability to manage continuous change is a real test for its leadership. Organizational leadership has a responsibility to drive this change by being active and visible and enabling a mindset where collaboration, communication and the ability to find the right information and people is the norm. Based on our experience working closely with businesses across industries, we’ve developed an approach that helps our customers manage the critical aspects of transition.

Organizational culture is defined as the social glue that binds organizational members together, including shared beliefs, values, patterns of meaning, expectations, understanding and assumptions.

Business Cyber
Security Advisory

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Business cyber security  is not a product, but rather is a strategy. A culmination of expertise, planning, anticipation and remediation.  Only with the right partner can you achieve cyber security resilience.

Our Security Specialist will establish and maintain a security program. Our Services include building  Modern security approaches using next-generation technologies that can help  keep your organization and information secure. Our Consulting-led approach will minimize IT Risks, improve governance as well as enable your business to be prepared to defend against advance cyber threats.'

When it comes to cyber security, it can be challenging for businesses to select which approach, product and services will be the best fit and result in adequate protection. Engaging with our security professionals to combat the rapid increase in cybercrime should be your preferred choice.

Digital Tranformation

Expand your enterprise in ways you never thought possible by integrating technology into every aspect of your business. By creating an ecosystem that revolutionizes how you operate and compete, digital transformation brings limitless potential to empower your employees and boost customer engagement.

Although many organizations are sold on the “why” of digital transformation, they are stuck on the “how.” The good news is that intelligent technologies like machine learning, big data analytics, and the flexibility of hybrid cloud computing can help. 


With the aid of technology, organizations can become agile and access unprecedented data, supported by a cloud-first infrastructure and predictive modeling, to anticipate and respond quickly to trends.

The Modern Work Place

Need agility and innovation to maintain and improve competitiveness as customer expectations about product quality and services continue to evolve

Attract and retain the right talent by reaching and empowering everyone.


Friction-free collaboration and communication between internal and external teams to enable innovation through creativity

AI-powered services, machine learning, and predictive analytics capabilities can provide critical insights to help improve processes and reduce time to market

Business Process Automation

An organization that has consistency across their technology is an organization that's able to be more efficient with their data and analytics reporting. They have a "single pane of glass" view into their organization's environments, and can make better, more effective business decisions. But sometimes, those technologies don't always "talk" to each other - that's where our custom and Integration project work comes in. Custom development has the capability of giving you that single source of truth, linking systems and consolidating data into usable business intelligence. 

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

Project Management 

Sns Technologies project managers deliver a range of services to the technology industry. These include, but are not limited to project scope, cost, quality and time management as well as procurement and risk management.

Before you endeavor to build a house, you need to ensure that you have everything in place. Your technology projects are no different. They require plans, resources, and hardware that fit your organization's vision and needs.  

We also excel at providing supplementary services including software procurement, relocation of infrastructure, deployment of internal and external communication infrastructure in construction projects and developments.

Compliance & Governance

Strategic Business Alignment is ensuring that Business goals, strategy, technology and compliance is the driving the driving force behind your business. Part of our strategic collaboration to understand your data landscape and identify important data across your environment and apply flexible protection actions.


Protecting information is critical to ensuring trust but also to meeting internal and external compliance requirements. Protecting data has become more challenging as people work in new ways, creating and sharing data across boundaries.  While mobility and cloud services have helped users become more productive and collaborative, securing and monitoring the data has become harder.